Ministry of Defence

Ministry Overview

Deals with all policy and administrative matters pertaining to all the armed forces engaged in the defence of the country. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for policy and administrative matters pertaining to the Defence of the Federation and three Armed Forces. Please visit the web site of the Defence Division for a more comprehensive and detailed information about its Policies, Publications, Information and Services, Forms, Tenders, Jobs, News & Press Releases, and Related Links.




The Defence Division is responsible for policy and administrative matters pertaining to the Defense of the Federation and three Armed Forces. The responsibility in respect of Inter-national negotiation, agreements and purchases of Defence equipment along with allied accessories are also being handled by this Division. This Division has eight Attached Departments and three Autonomous Bodies.

Function of Defence Division as per Rules of Business, 1973

Defence of the Federation or any part there of in peace or war including:-

1.     Army, naval and air forces of the Federation and any other armed forces raised or maintained by the Federation; any armed forces which is not part of forces of the Federation but are attached to or operating with any of the armed forces of the Federation.

2.     Army, naval and air force works; and

3.     Deleted vide Cabinet Division O.M.No.104/17/86-Min-1, dated 17.4.1988.

4.     Civilian employees paid from the Defense estimates.

5.     Defence matters pertaining to treaties and agreements with other Government except those relating to purchase of stores; and

6.     Matters regarding military assistance to foreign countries.

7.     Stores and stationary for the Defence Services, other than those dealt with by the Defence Production Division.

8.     Administrative control of Northern Light Infantry; and

9.     Administration of National Guards.

10.  International Red Cross and Geneva Conventions in so far as they effect belligerents.

11.  Military Awards and decorations.

12.  Welfare and ex-servicemen.

13.  Cantonment areas including-

a.     Map the delimitation of such areas;

b.    Local Self-Government in such areas, the constitution of local authorities for such areas and the functions and powers of such authorities and

c.     The regulation of housing accommodation (including control of rent) in such areas.

14.  Acquisition of requisitioning of property for Defence Services; imposition of restrictions upon the use of lands in the vicinity of such property and of works of Defence.

15.  Pardons, reprieves and respites, etc. of all personnel belonging to the Armed Forces.

16.  Survey of Pakistan.

17.  Administrative and budgetary control of Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cantonments / Garrisons) directorate and its Institutions.

18.  Administration of Military Lands and Cantonments Groups.

19.  National Maritime Policy.

a.     Matters relating to security of resources of the Maritime Zones of Pakistan Including protection of Human life and property. Maritime Security Agency (MSA). 

b.    National Coordination of maritime activities.  

c.     National Maritime   Maritime surveys and elimination of dangers of navigation.

d.    Promotion of Maritime disciplines.

20.  International aspects:

a.      Matters arising out of the implementation of Law of the Sea pertaining to Maritime Affairs.

b.    International Negotiations, agreements and treaties (excluding those handled by other Divisions).

c.     Liaison with International Sea Bed Authorities and other International Agencies in the Maritime Field.