Office Memorandum Jan, 1983



Government of Pakistan

Cabinet secretariat

Establishment Division


No. 4/7/81-T.IV Islamabad, the 18th January, 1983.


Subject: Guidelines for Selection of officers for posting abroad in Pakistan missions.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division s O.M. of even number dated 28th December, 1981, on the above subject and to state that in order to ensure uniformity in selection of candidates for appointment in Pakistan s Mission abroad, the following procedure be adopted by the selection Committee to draw up the panel for submission to the Special Selection Board:-

1. The selection committee will allocate marks to be distributed as under:-

i) Officers record 50

ii) Assessment by?

The Committee 50

a) Interview 30

b) Experience 20


Total 100


2. The evaluation of record shall be computed against the scale of 50 marks in accordance with the formula for overall assessment enunciated in the promotion policy circulated vide this Division s letter No. 10(3)/81-CP-1(Pt), dated 31-10-1982.

3. The committee will interview the candidates to assess their fitness for the job.

4. Marks for experience should take into account the experience and additional qualifications relevant to the job. No. marks need be allocated for the basic qualifications required for the post.

Joint Secretary

All Secretaries of the

Federal Ministries/Divisions.