Office Memorandum April, 1983


Government of Pakistan?
Cabinet Secretariat
Establishment Division



The undersigned in directed to refer to the Manpower Division?s O.M. NO.12 -1/(11)/82- Estt . dated 12.04.1983, on the above subject and to say that draft recruitment rules for the posts of community Welfare Attaches as proposed by them, have been considered in the Establishment Division. It has been observed that Recruitment Rules for the Posts of Labour Attaches/ Asstt. Labour Attaches notified vide Labour Division?s Notification No, SRO. 1199(1)/72 dated 13.12.1972 stand superseded vide Manpower Division?s No, SRO.13322(1)/74 dated 15.10.1974. Since then no recruitment rules have so far been framed for these posts.

2. It has further been observed that the posts of CWAs are isolated posts not forming part of any cadre. In pursuance of President?s directive, these posts are required to be filled in on tenure basis, for amongst the person?s already in Government service, possessing required qualification and length of experience etc. The officer so appointed will be reverted to their respective departments on completion of the tenure.

3. the Establishment Division are, therefore, of the opinion that framing of formal recruitment rules for these posts under Rule-3(2) of the Civil servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer); Rule, 1973 will not be necessary as appointment on tenure basis is not one of the regular methods of appointment, (namely promotion, initial appointment or appointment by transfer) and therefore, cannot be made part of the recruitment rules. If one of the regular methods of appointment is prescribed in these recruitment rules, it will frustrate the intention behind the Presidents directive. A post can, however, be filed by posting of government servants basis under Section10 of the Civil Servants Act, 1973 or by deputation of a Provincial Government employee or by appointment on contract.?

In view of the above, Manpower Division may fill up the post of Community Welfare Attaches as indicated in the preceding paragraph. In doing so, the guidelines contained in the Establishment Division ( Training Wing ) O.M. No.4/7/81-T.IV, dated 28.12.1981 should be observed. The posts would be tenable by officers in Grade-17, 18,19 or by a person employed on contract for a period up to two years. As suggested by the Manpower Division the selected person should possess 3 to 5 years experience in Management/ field work or Labour/ Manpower administration and laws or matters pertaining to emigrating and welfare of Pakistan living/ working abroad.

These issues with the approval of the Secretary Establishment




Manpower Division

(Mr.S.M.Yasin, DS)